PRESET-FX creativity is focused on our ability to go outside the frameworks of the trivial solutions. Our massive arsenal of special equipment together with working experience give us a possibility to embody any adventurous ideas. We are not afraid to offer our clients  something that neither us nor anyone else in the world has ever done before. Our show concepts are supported by professional software, which can design and make actual models of all special effects, pyrotechnics and DISCO systems.

One of the key roles in building a successful work on a project is certainly the cohesive PRESET-FX team. We believe, that only efficient cooperation between all members of our collective can breath soul into the technical models of the show and make it “alive”.

Example of visualization for a multimedia show.
(The concept is created in 2014)

Very similar embodiment of this concept could be seen on the Grebnoy Channel in Moscow within Festival Circle of Light in 2015


White smoke columns promptly rising high up from generator’s nozzles – is a


Tasks where spark effects can be used are endless. In our arsenals there


Key moments, elements of illusionist and circus show and etc., all this can


Pyrotechnical effects of transient and long burning, including colored flame. Both indoor and


Foam generators are used on all kind of teenage parties, foam discos and


An effect of falling snow. Snow storm effect. Facades artificial snow decoration.Indoor and


Confetti effect can be performed both by pneumatic barrel shoot of confetti or


Fog effects that we use: Low smoke based on CO2 (is secure for

About Company

PRESET-FX founded in 2013. Within the first year we’ve successfully accomplished outstanding special effects and pyrotechnical projects for such events as: Opening and Closing Ceremonies of Universiade in Kazan and World Championships in Athletics.

Our main specialization – creation of amazing special and pyrotechnical effects for the show industry. Our main goal – hight quality of effects together with unprecedented safety level for audience and properties.

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