White smoke columns promptly rising high up from generator’s nozzles – is a perfect effect to accompany bright show accents. We use liquid CO2 fraction, which turns into the white steam when it leaves DMX operated CO2 Jett generator. Generators


Tasks where spark effects can be used are endless. In our arsenals there are all kinds of sparks pyro effects known today. Special NEXT-FX pyrotechnics are used for indoor, open venues and stadium. Spark fountains (Stage Gerbs) transient and long


Key moments, elements of illusionist and circus show and etc., all this can be beautified by all kind of flash pyrotechnical effects. Special NEXT-FX pyrotechnics are used for indoor, open venues and stadiums. Bright lighting flashes; Colored flashes (red, green,


Pyrotechnical effects of transient and long burning, including colored flame. Both indoor and outdoor, part and full decorations burning. Bursts of fire effects via special generators. Using special pyrotechnics we can also create short-time flame columns up to 3 m


Foam generators are used on all kind of teenage parties, foam discos and children celebrations. Work with foam effect is paused at the moment but can be restarted according to your request.


An effect of falling snow. Snow storm effect. Facades artificial snow decoration.Indoor and outdoor artificial ice decoration. The falling snow effect is made by generators spraying special emulsion throughout the nozzles, which turns into foam flakes. Emulsion doesn’t leave any


Confetti effect can be performed both by pneumatic barrel shoot of confetti or streamers and by blowing confetti generators. Pneumatic barrels shot can immediately fill the airspace with a short-term effect from 3 to 15 meter high. It may be


Fog effects that we use: Low smoke based on CO2 (is secure for breathing and doesn’t leave humidity on stage); Low smoke based on dry ice (old school, saturated white color); Light transient and long dissipation smoke; Haze of light