The system of fire bursts generators DISCO

If you want to impress your audience indelibly during the show than DISCO can be a great tool for achieving this goal.


It looks like the pillars of fire promptly rise up to 20 meters with the distinctive “reactive” sound. The high speed of bursts creates so called “lines” of sequentially inflaming pillars.

Placed under different angles DISCO generators can create miraculous geometric panoramas.

Using the “Actuator” rotary module we have and opportunity to control DISCO system via DMX  in real time.

DISCO control system is designed for multimedia shows working with TIMECODE protocol and also can be operated both in auto and manual modes.

0,5 to 8 meters height limiters can be used for work in indoor venues.

The length of one DISCO generators line can reach 250 meters and even more if needed. These lines can be placed:

  • On stage
  • Above the water (IP67)
  • On stage constructions (lighting truss, scenic girder)
  • On various scenics including dynamic ones

Magistral structure of generators allows to avoid the necessity to refuel the system during the performance which becomes an advantage while producing the long shows.

Emergency shutdown system is designed to provide the highest safety level.

In addition, DISCO flame system is a unique development of PRESET-FX company.