14 July, 2018


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Champions fight, 7

20 March, 2017

Armin van Buuren – Armin Only Intense at SC “Olympisky”

20 March, 2017

Show of the world headliner of electronic music which has lasted nearly all night long in SC “Olympisky” has died down. And PRSET-FX has provided the special effects rider for Armin Only. Tens kilograms of

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About Company

PRESET-FX founded in 2013. Within the first year we’ve successfully accomplished outstanding special effects and pyrotechnical projects for such events as: Opening and Closing Ceremonies of Universiade in Kazan and World Championships in Athletics.

Our main specialization – creation of amazing special and pyrotechnical effects for the show industry. Our main goal – hight quality of effects together with unprecedented safety level for audience and properties.

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